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Give your guests a concierge around the city

Bebot gives travelers a concierge around the city 24/7, powered by artificial intelligence. With Bebot, your guests will have immediate assistance whenever and wherever they may be in Japan even after they step out of the hotel. With on the go assistance and location capabilities, Bebot spices up your guests experiences in Japan just like a friend guiding them around.

How it works

Guests can ask Bebot things that they’d normally ask a hotel concierge. Bebot likes to surprise with great recommendations that travelers wouldn’t have known otherwise. The more people send requests or questions to Bebot, the smarter Bebot’s responses get. For maximum convenience, your guests can use their preferred messaging platform to talk to Bebot.

What the bot is good at:
  • Restaurant recommendations & booking
  • Finding fun things to do nearby or at specific area
  • Directions to places
  • Out of the way attractions

How do we start?

We would love to tell you more about the service, if you think this is right for your hotel click the button below to give us a little bit of info and we’ll get right back to you!


  • What can Bebot do?

    Bebot can do mostly things a hotel concierge would do for hotel guests. For example, Bebot can tell you about nearby recommendations for restaurants, activities, landmarks, and directions, as well as making restaurant reservations and getting you taxis. Bebot is a local native, so ask about non-touristy places, and you'll find Japan's best hidden gems. To discover Bebot's full potential, you'll have to try it out for yourself!

  • Where do Bebot's recommendations come from?

    Bebot's recommendations are based on the database of our online community at, filled with local feedback in addition to feedback gathered from travelers on their favorite places in Japan.

  • Is Bebot available in all cities?

    Bebot is available anywhere in Japan. Currently Bebot is only compatible with questions about Japan, but we look forward to expanding and adding more places in the future. We are looking for international partnerships. Please contact us at for further inquiries.

  • What platforms do we support?

    We currently support Facebook Messenger. We are working on others, so they will be available to you soon!

  • When is Bebot available?

    Bebot is AI powered and available 24/7.

  • How much does Bebot cost?

    The initial cost will be zero. Further costs will depend on the size of hotels and occupancy rate. Please contact for further inquiries.

  • What languages do we support?

    We currently only support English, but we are working to add Chinese, Korean, Thai, Spanish and many more in the near future.